Homecoming: A Night Well Spent

HomecomingMy homecoming experiences in the past have never been your typical kind of homecoming. I am the girl who sits at a table in the back of the room observing everything that goes on all night. This is what I have always done, and this year was no different. Sure, I was a senior, it was my last homecoming ever, and all of my friends had been bugging me for four years trying to get me to dance. But I have never been into dancing at dances.

My school’s homecoming is a basketball homecoming, because we don’t have football at my school. We go to school on a Friday, and the game is Friday night. We go there all dressed up. Girls have their hair and makeup done, and they’re wearing their dresses. After the basketball game is the dance.

The best part about homecoming is being able to get all dressed up with all my friends. That is my favorite part of the whole night. I don’t get into the dancing and singing scene, partly because I don’t want to be embarrassed and partly because I feel like I’m more mature than most of the things I see at homecoming dances on the dance floor.

This year’s homecoming was average but still fun. I had a beautiful hot pink dress that fit my personality perfectly, I wore the prettiest shoes I could find, and my hair was fixed the way I wanted. I sat in the back of the room and watched everyone on the dance floor. I had company, of course. I had Dylan, my boyfriend, and a couple of friends who also like to watch people on the dance floor.

I was so in love with my dress. It fit who I am perfectly. I knew when I saw it on me that it was the one I wanted. I have always been a shoe lover. I love wearing high heels to the appropriate places. My shoes were the prettiest shoes I had ever worn to a homecoming. I did my own makeup with a little help from YouTube, and surprisingly it turned out great. I can’t think of a better way I would want my hair to be. I loved everything I was wearing and how I looked. It was a perfect night for me.

I might be the girl who sits in the corner and never dances, but it was the way I wanted to spend my night. I enjoyed my night with the help of my closest friends. My night was very well spent, and I am happy that’s the way I spent my very last homecoming.