KiCam Projects was founded in 2015 by Lori Highlander to promote great storytelling that makes a difference in people’s lives. Having spent her professional career working in addiction recovery, Lori has witnessed first-hand the impact of information and inspiration on the healing process.

In 2014, Lori’s daughter, Kilee Brookbank, was severely burned in a house explosion. Kilee’s resilience and the strength of Lori’s son, Cameron, compelled Lori to create an avenue to bring to light powerful stories of survival with the goal of supporting charitable endeavors and organizations. The name “KiCam” is a tribute to Lori’s two incredible children, who have taught their family, their friends and the community so much about perseverance and gratitude.

KiCam offers both a traditional, royalty-based publishing track, as well as an author-subsidized partnership program for projects we believe will succeed with a greater degree of author participation in the sales and marketing process.

Lori Highlander, Cameron and Kilee Brookbank