KiCam Projects accepts proposals and manuscripts from creatives of all backgrounds, including those who are new to the publishing and production process. We look for true stories of survival and recovery from illness, addiction, tragedy, or other challenges that will inspire and empower audiences.

In addition to offering a traditional compensation model, we invite our collaborators to identify a nonprofit organization that will benefit from a portion of the proceeds of their work. Together, we can make a difference in local communities and in the world at large.

Our staff will review every submission and determine if each project we accept is better suited for our traditional track or for our author-subsidized partnership program.

Please note, we do not accept projects that already have been published, including self-published works.

We are currently seeking the following:

  • Adult and young adult memoirs
  • Manuscripts focused on personal experiences of addiction
  • Non-fiction / journalism-style narratives

Submissions should include a cover letter, one-paragraph summary, author biography, synopsis, and table of contents.