KiCam Projects’ mission is to change the world one great story at a time by bringing to life true stories of survival and recovery. Fulfilling that mission means creating publishing opportunities for the everyday person who might not have a background in writing and publishing, as well as for authors whose work might have a smaller niche market.

We developed our author-subsidized partnership program to provide high-quality editing, design, and marketing support for motivated authors who are committed to investing their time and resources to making their books a success.

At KiCam, we recognize that a successful book doesn’t have to sell millions, or even thousands, of copies. Of course we work to sell as many books as possible, but we understand that a project’s impact and value can’t always be measured in sales figures.

We’re also committed to curating our collection to maintain its integrity.

How It Works

Our author-subsidized program is an avenue for authors to ensure that their projects adhere to trade publishing standards and receive national marketing and sales support that isn’t possible with self-publishing.

After authors make an initial investment, they earn royalties of 60% on net sales of their print books and 80% on net sales of e-books.

Our editors evaluate every project we receive for quality and marketability. In some cases, we will recommend an author pursue additional editing to become publishing-ready. For books that need only a bit of polish, we provide the following services for an investment of $6,500:

  • Personal editorial consultant throughout the production process
  • Proofreading up to 100,000 words
  • Custom cover and interior design
  • Cover and marketing copy writing
  • Coaching on marketing and promotion to maximize your book’s exposure
  • ISBN and barcode assignment
  • US copyright registration
  • Library of Congress control number
  • Access to national distribution to trade accounts through our distribution partner
  • E-book file preparation and access to worldwide distribution through our distribution partner
  • Creation of Amazon Look Inside the Book files
  • Ongoing project management of each title
  • Management of the distribution relationship 
  • Fulfillment of all orders on printed books (author or customer pays shipping)
  • Support and management of title metadata
  • Support for getting books into bookstores, libraries, and other trade outlets
  • Landing page on
  • Distribution of review copies to trade publications and book bloggers/reviewers
  • E-newsletter marketing to retailers, librarians, and consumers
  • Twenty complimentary printed author copies
  • 50% author discount on all KiCam Projects products

Why Work with Us?

  • Professional design, editing, consultation, and marketing: We handle the ins and outs of publishing that most authors don’t have the expertise or time to manage.
  • National distribution and sales representation: Includes reach into the Christian market.
  • Brand alignment: KiCam Projects was created to make a difference, and we place a premium on working with authors who are driven to do the same.
  • High-touch author care: Our team is small but mighty! We know our authors personally and consider each one to be part of our family. We are easy to reach, we respond quickly, and we’re personally invested in each author’s success.