Author Q&A: Deirdre Klein Ochipinti

Deirdre Klein Ochipinti is the devoted mom of two children, Alec and Kate, who have enriched her life immeasurably. She shares her family’s journey in Super Alec’s Very Super Day: An Adoption Story to support other adoptive families and inspire would-be parents to consider the joyful path of adoption.

Super Alec's Very Super DayWhat prompted you to write Super Alec’s Very Super Day?

Alec was born ten weeks early and had to be in an enclosed incubator to regulate his body temperature. Some days, his health was so volatile between the temperature and forgetting to breathe, the only thing I could do was read to him. So I read and read. When he came home, I continued to read. He thrived.

When Alec was eighteen months old, I went to the bookstore to find a book to introduce the word “adoption” to him. This was advice from the plethora of physicians Alec had to see—neurologists, pulmonologists, psychiatrists, gastroenterologists, and pediatricians, not to mention his personal social worker specializing in adoption families. “Talk to him about adoption,” they told us. “Let him know the word, let him feel special, let him ask questions. Always be honest and clear.” I didn’t want a book with a uterus or a book of adopted animals! If it was to be clear, it had to be clear … for a toddler.

There were no adoption books with the things a young child loves: balloons, birthdays, babies, moms, dads, a pet, and maybe a superhero. Hence, my next journey—and as I soon realized, huge challenge—began: writing a children’s book.

Which books and writers inspired your storytelling?

Our home library was always filled with the traditional superhero stories. Once I realized my adopted boy had a very special tie to his favorite superhero, I knew I had to write about it.

As a first-time author, what challenges did you face in your writing process, and how did you overcome them?

Deirdre Klein Ochipinti

The biggest challenge for me as a small-town mom and unknown author was getting my story in front of an established publisher. The slush pile is real.

Ahead of my work were celebrities and other established, published authors who were agented.

Perseverance got me through. I knew this book was needed. I was not going to stop until it was published for the adoption world, to help other moms and dads communicate with their adopted family.

What advice would you give to other aspiring authors, especially those who dream of creating children’s books?

Keep on keeping on. That is the toughest part—to not lose hope, never give up, and don’t let anyone, anyone, deter you from your important mission.

What has been the most fulfilling part of the writing and publishing process for you?

The look on my son’s face when he realized that he is so important that he has a book written about him. I want other adopted children to feel the same way.

What’s the primary takeaway you hope readers learn from Super Alec?

How cool it is to be adopted.

Deirdre Klein Ochipinti

Welcome New Author: Deirdre Klein Ochipinti

Deirdre Klein OchipintiKiCam Projects is thrilled to welcome author Deirdre Klein Ochipinti to our family of authors!

Deirdre, mom to two beautiful children by way of adoption, has written her first children’s book, Super Alec’s Very Super Day: An Adoption Story, to encourage all adoptive families and kids and help them love their unique story!

“After the recommendation that I received time and time again from our plethora of medical personnel to ‘… tell Alec at every diaper change about adoption,’ ‘… always in a positive way how he was meant to be part of this family,’ ‘… start early, start now …,’ I knew I needed a children’s book with big, beautiful pictures depicting adoption in the most amazing way,” Deirdre says.

I knew this book needed to be written for a very underrepresented audience: the adoption community.”

Super Alec is based on the true story of a boy named Alec, born into this world destined to become the adopted, beloved son of Deirdre and Joe Ochipinti … and later a brother and mentor to his adopted sister, Kate Alexandra.

The story takes readers through one of Alec’s most memorable moments: the day he hears his adopted baby sister is coming home. The big reveal is saved for the end. Meanwhile, Alec takes on a big job that puts a unique spin on adopted superheroes.

Deirdre’s lovely book will be available in time for National Adoption Day in November, and we could not be more proud to publish this project.

Welcome to the KiCam family, Deirdre!