At KiCam, We’re on a Mission

LogoPublishing is a tough game to be in.

Even as it’s gotten easier to self-publish work, thanks to options such as Amazon CreateSpace and IngramSpark, getting that work promoted, sold and distributed is still a time-consuming, labor-intensive, potentially expensive prospect.

The industry is built with a high barrier to entry that can discourage small presses and independent booksellers alike.

It’s a challenging environment, and at KiCam Projects, we’re ready to tackle that challenge and try to change the game, providing our collaborators with a mission-based partner for creating books, films and music. We believe strongly in the power of great stories to inspire and inform and, as a result, help people heal from illness, addiction, depression and personal tragedies. We’re going to bring such stories to light, calling on our collective backgrounds in publishing, journalism, marketing, business operations and addiction recovery. And proceeds from our projects will benefit the nonprofit organizations selected by our collaborators.

Our first book, “Beautiful Scars,” will be published in May 2016, and we’re in the process of acquiring and planning for 2017 and beyond. It’s an exciting time, and every time we unravel a newfound complexity, we’re reminded of the mantra our founder, Lori Highlander, relied upon while her daughter, Kilee, was recovering from severe burns: “It’s only temporary.”

Yes, we face some obstacles, and yes, we know it won’t be easy. But KiCam Projects was created because of a true belief that sharing powerful stories can change the world. We know we’ll get through the rough patches to be successful and make a difference for our partners, our audience and charitable organizations around the world.

The rough patches will only be temporary. We’re building KiCam Projects to leave a legacy that lasts.

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