John Thorngren headshot

KiCam Welcomes New Author: John Thorngren

KiCam Projects is delighted to welcome our newest author, John Thorngren, whose book will release in January 2018.

John, of Lake Dallas, Texas, is telling the story of Pamela Perillo, who has been imprisoned in Texas since 1980. Convicted of capital murder, Pamela initially was sentenced to death before she was resentenced to life in prison, plus thirty years, in 2000.

Pamela’s story is one of healing and conversion. Addicted to drugs from a young age, Pamela got clean and sober in prison and developed a true Christian faith. Her spiritual salvation has been the focus of her life behind bars, where she has shared her faith with her fellow inmates and has found meaning in training dogs for the disabled.

John’s book bears witness to the tragedies of abuse and addiction, the horrors of Death Row, and the potential for change within each person. Proceeds from the book will benefit Patriot PAWS service dogs—a testament to the fact that each person’s life, each person’s story, can make a powerful, positive impact on the world.

Welcome to the KiCam family, John!