KiCam Welcomes New Author: Keith Maginn

KiCam Projects is thrilled to welcome Keith Maginn to our publishing family!

Keith, an accomplished self-published author, will bring out his first project with KiCam in September. Keith has a knack for finding the extraordinary in the everyday, for bringing to light the amazing stories that sometimes hide within each of us.

Think of the people you know. Would you be surprised to find out that one was a drug addict who now mentors young men? What would you say if an acquaintance revealed he’d survived a plane crash and completely rethought his life and priorities? Do you have a friend who seemed to be living the American dream before her life was altered by a tragedy?

Keith’s book will share these stories and many more, inviting you into the anything-but-ordinary lives of people just like you and me.

Keith, like KiCam, believes everyone has a story to tell. That’s what inspires him as a writer:

“The people I admire aren’t perfect. They are flawed. They are, in a word, human. I can relate to someone like that. We pull for the underdog and, every so often, they prevail against all odds.”

We look forward to sharing these inspiring stories with you this fall!