Welcome New Authors: Danielle and Christopher Jones

KiCam Projects is delighted to introduce new authors Danielle and Christopher Jones!

Less than a year ago, Danielle and Christopher lost their son, Christopher Junior, when he was only 10 days old. Junior was born with multiple congenital abnormalities due to a genetic defect that had gone undetected prior to Danielle’s pregnancy.

Though their son is not with them on earth, Danielle and Christopher honor him each day through the Angel Baby Network, which they founded to bring together other bereaved parents grieving the death of a child through miscarriage or infant loss. As Danielle says, when she started ABN, she simply wanted someone she could talk to and cry with.

The loss of Junior marked the lowest point of an exceptionally difficult two years for the Joneses that included the sudden death of a beloved relative, a car accident, struggles with employment and Christopher being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Through it all, the couple has grown stronger together, relying on their faith as they take each day as it comes, one step at a time.

Danielle and Christopher still dream of growing their family. Danielle wants to be the “zoo mom” who packs the snacks and goes on every field trip with her kids. Her journey so far has not been what she imagined, but with Christopher by her side, they’re turning their pain into purpose.

A portion of the proceeds of the Joneses’ book will benefit Angel Baby Network, which meets every other month to engage its members in a social activity that encourages fellowship and sharing. Members come from as far as Indianapolis to the Cincinnati area, and we’re certain that readers around the world will be moved and inspired by Danielle, Christopher and the legacy of Christopher Junior.

Look for the Joneses’ book in April 2017!