KiCam Welcomes New Authors: Laura Dewire and Kailen Offutt

KiCam is thrilled to announce that Laura Dewire and Kailen Offutt have joined our publishing family. Their book, tentatively titled “A Corner of Heaven,” will be released in January 2017.

Laura and Kailen form a unique partnership: Laura was Kailen’s first-grade teacher when a piece of art drawn by Kailen got Laura’s attention.

“The assignment was to have each child create a portrait of his or her family,” Laura says. “In the upper right-hand corner of Kailen’s paper, a small baby was depicted with a figure who looked like Jesus. ‘This is my family,’ she said. ‘Most of us live on Earth, but my baby brother, Kulen, lives in heaven with God.’ It was both heartbreaking and touching to see that small angel in the corner of that paper.”

Kailen’s drawing inspired Laura to write a children’s book that would pair with Kailen’s illustrations and provide a comforting resource for families experiencing the loss of a pregnancy or the death of a newborn child. 

“Kailen’s drawing got me thinking about the pain these parents must feel when tasked with sharing this tragic news with their other children,” Laura says. “What if there were a book that could be used as a tool to help break the news? A book with pictures and language that are appropriate for young minds and hearts. The tragic loss of a child is unthinkable, but it is my sincere wish that this book can be a beacon of hope for families: a shining light from a corner of heaven.”

Welcome to the family, Laura and Kailen! We know this book will touch the hearts of, and help bring healing to, readers of all ages.

A portion of the proceeds from “A Corner of Heaven” will benefit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, which provides remembrance photography for grieving parents.