Laura Dewire Kailen Offutt

Q&A with Author Laura Dewire

Laura Dewire is a teacher who learned more from one of her students than she ever expected. An assignment done by young Kailen Offutt opened Laura’s eyes to the prevalence of infant loss and miscarriage, prompting Laura to team with Kailen to create a hope-filled resource for families experiencing unimaginable grief. This is the story of A Corner of Heaven.

What was the inspiration for this book?

My inspiration for this book came from a family portrait that my student Kailen drew when she was in first grade. The picture depicted her family on earth and a small baby in the upper right-hand corner. She explained to me that most of her family lives on earth, but her baby brother, Kulen, lives in Heaven with God.

How long did it take you to write this book?

I wrote the entire book in 20 minutes at my kitchen table on a wintry night. Before I began, I prayed to God, “If this is something you’d like to see made, give me the words.”

How has your relationship grown with Kailen and the Offutt family during the process of creating this book?

The book has been such a source of healing and joy for both the Offutt family and for me. It still astounds me that out of something so painful and tragic, something beautiful and lovely was created. The Offutts are like a second family to me, and I am incredibly indebted to them for their love and support.

What are your goals and/or intentions for this book?

My prayer for this book is that it can be for other families what it has been for the Offutt family. I hope it can be a shining light of peace for families. I hope it can serve as a reminder that God can make something beautiful out of something broken. I hope it heals. I hope it protects. I hope it serves.

What do you hope families take away from sharing this book with their children?

My hope is that this book can be shared by families with one another. I hope they can read it together and experience all of the emotions alongside one another. I hope it’s a book read over and over again, providing healing and solace each time.

Author Laura Dewire is a dog-loving, coffee-drinking glitter fanatic from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. She enjoys a red lip, a cold can of Diet Coke, a warm doughnut, and cooking in her cast-iron skillet. She tries with all her heart to live and love like Jesus every day.