Welcome New Authors: Karl Williams and Barbara Moran

KiCam Projects is delighted to welcome new author Karl Williams and Barbara Moran, whose book will publish in April 2019!

Karl has teamed with Barbara to tell her story of growing up with autism at a time before autism was even beginning to be understood. Barbara, a graphic artist, spent her childhood in a mental institution, improperly labeled as schizophrenic. Only when her sister later became a doctor did Barbara, then in her 40s, finally receive the correct diagnosis.

Barbara, who lives in Topeka, Kansas, has had her artwork displayed at the MIND Institute at the University of California-Davis. She features the objects that speak to her imagination, particularly locomotives, cathedrals, and stoplights.

Karl, a musician and writer, previously has published two books with leaders in the self-advocacy movement, and a portion of the proceeds of his project with Barbara will benefit Breakthrough House, which supports mental health recovery in Topeka.

The forthcoming book, tentatively titled Hello, Stranger, will enable readers to see inside a unique mind to better understand autism and the spectrum of neurodiversity.

It also reminds readers how far society has come in accepting and caring for individuals with autism—and how far we still need to go to empower them and embrace their gifts.

Welcome to the family, Karl and Barbara!