KiCam Welcomes New Author: Aimee Ross

Aimee RossKiCam Projects is delighted to welcome our newest author, Aimee Ross, whose debut book will release in March 2018.

Aimee, of Perrysville, Ohio, has a remarkable story to tell of living through the “perfect” heart attack, later surviving a horrific car crash, then rebuilding her life and finding love and contentment along the way.

A  mother of three, Aimee is also an award-winning educator with a passion for reading, writing … and Ricky Martin.

“I am a huge fan of poking fun at myself,” Aimee says. “My sense of humor is one of my best assets. I love to laugh, I love my job; I’m a diva, a huge dork; and I really did marry Prince Charming. The best part? I have this crazy story to tell about myself that finally feels ‘crazy’ and not defining. Thank God.”

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Aimee to tell her story. If you’ve ever gone through a major life change or had to reconstruct your self-image—in Aimee’s case, both literally and figuratively—you’ll want to mark your calendar for March 14, 2018.

Welcome to the KiCam family, Aimee!